Letter: The long and the short of it

Donna Fisher is right (“Fast skiers too dangerous,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, Dec. 1) — skiing the groomed runs on Aspen Mountain is a contact sport!

Read Jack Brendlinger’s book; it’s hilarious. Jim Markalunas’ poem in The Aspen Times (“Recollections of Old,” Nov. 22) and Rabbi David Segal’s column (“’Tis the season to be offended?” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Dec. 6).

Please bring the local bartenders back to the Wheeler. It’s who we are.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about the Verena Mallory shrine? Don’t close the trail.

A street-food vendor needs to be brought back to Ruggerfest. I go for their food!

Winterskol ’65 — Aspen is on Medicare.

Ruth Harrison