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Letter: The lobster shack was great for Basalt vitality

We were extremely surprised and disappointed to learn that the highly successful Lobster Shack was not granted a lease on the property where it was last summer! Butch turned what had been a site for trash recycling into a pleasant, excellent place to get fresh seafood.

It provided the Basalt area with a new vitality and blended well, especially on the weekends with the farmers market, which was so close to him.

Why was such a bad business decision made when the town is avidly seeking ways to increase the vitality of Basalt? The Business Association has just eliminated an exciting, refreshing seafood shack!

We understand that the City Council gave the Business Association the task of leasing property similar to where the Lobster Shack was. Talk about a conflict of interest! The Chamber of Commerce would have been a much fairer choice if, indeed, the change had to be made.

Butch’s Lobster Shack was a unique place and added a new, pleasant eating experience with its fresh seafood from New England. People could stroll right down the street after dining and check out all that Basalt offers: interesting shops, a variety of restaurants, sporting-goods stores and galleries.

We understand that a fruit stand and “other vendors” are planned for the space. This is Basalt’s plan in a valley already full of farmers markets and fruit stands? How exciting! Plus, there already is a farmers market, vendors and fruit stands every weekend just a stone’s throw away!

We urge the powers that be to think carefully about what they are doing before they blow the chance for some real added vitality in Basalt.

Pink and Liz Schultze