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Letter; The liberals’ losing gameplan

Progressives/liberals/Socialists are obsessed with “fairness.”

This weekend and next weekend, I will continue to watch “unfairness” in sports. One team will “steal” more points from the other team and “win” the game. Perhaps that is not “fair” to have winners and losers. Some of that “unfairness” will be in places where one of the teams may have to play in weather conditions they are not used to. The other team will have an “unfair” advantage because they are more accustomed to playing in those much colder conditions.

Progressives/liberals/Socialists are not content to abide by the rules when they go into a “game.” They want to change the rules while the “game” is being played when they see the other team doing so much better. They want to “level the playing field.”

But in life, just like sports, yesterday’s losers may become tomorrow’s winners if they quit whining and start working to improve their skills and work ethic.

Life is not fair. Life is not unfair. Life is simply, life. Progressives/liberals/Socialists don’t want a “level playing field.” They want movable goal posts!

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek