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Letter: The law enforcement scourge

After reading the recent account of police brutality at Aspen High School, I decided I must be missing something, so I watched the painful minute of video that is available online. I don’t recommend it unless you have a strong stomach.

Aren’t we a town that embraces compassionate law enforcement? Former Pitkin County Sheriff Dick Kienast and his deputies were once referred to as “Dick Dove and his deputies of love” because people liked them and their approach to enforcing laws.

Perhaps the Aspen Police Department could use some training in “de-escalating” situations and using nonviolent techniques. I assume the officers got excited and couldn’t turn down the chance to “take down” a defenseless 16-year-old. It reminded me of the time the Police Department used a taser on a homeless woman in an alley downtown.

Adam “Lightning” Loudon and other like-minded and overzealous Aspen cops like Jeff Fain are a menace to society and a scourge on our community.

Dan Watkins


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