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Letter: The Krabloonik travesty

The Krabloonik travesty

Is Snowmass Village not embarrassed by having this obnoxious “tourist attraction” called Krabloonik?

Anyone with a bit of empathy for dogs will be disturbed to see “Arctic dogs” (that are actually mostly short-haired mixed breeds) tied to moldering dog houses in the snow. In summer it may be worse — they cook in a hot mountain valley, chained with no shade from the heat to speak of but the inside of their sun-heated dog houses.

I remember when some of these 260 dogs did not even have dog houses. I remember seeing puppies wandering among chained, male dogs who occasionally attacked and even killed puppies. That was in the ‘80s as I recall. I was appalled then and I am still appalled.

Dan MacEachen has been living on the backs of these dogs (why does he need 260 of them?). This did not stop him from shooting injured or elderly dogs in the back of their heads and flinging them, possibly some still alive, into a cesspool on the premises. Yup, some of us old-timers have been observing your actions, Dan, for a long time.

Tourists, you may think I’m hallucinating this. It is on the record. Research it.

The Krabloonik business is a nightmare. If it existed in Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Silt or anywhere else, people would have long ago kicked it out of its abusive misery. It seems that for some reason, Snowmass Village has always protected this cruel set-up. Is it for money, Snowmass Village? It could not be to enhance your town.

My soul has been unsettled for 20 years for those poor dogs who know nothing else but that misery.

I would not go to the Krabloonik restaurant either. Ugh!

Ursula Shepherd


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