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Letter: The Iran deal

Is it the time right for the Iran nuke deal? TV debates fill the screen, pro and con. Is this favorable for America? The consensus is saying “no.” The Barack Obama legacy is on the table, but does that matter? Iran sees Obama, many feel, as a weak president who wants this agreement desperately. Secretary of State John Kerry was commanded to do as necessary to finalize a transaction. Promises have been disregarded to accomplish the end seen today. An example is the any time, any hour inspection requirements reduced to 24 days’ notice. What must be weighed is security for America and its friends. Iran was looking out for itself but not necessarily the youth of that nation seeking greater freedom. The purpose of the sanctions was to provide hope to those wanting a change in how they are governed. When the sanctions are lifted, and there will be no turning back, those hopes will be dashed. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei still shouts, “Death to America.” He recognizes this nuclear-abatement deal makes him stronger, giving Iran increased stature in the world. This agreement will also, with items now included to allow Russia to sell ballistic missiles to Iran, begin a new conventional-weapons competition.

After 2016, the world expects a stronger and less dovish president. Most candidates running, except possibly one, will take a harder line against the habits of the Islamists. Knowing this, the Iranian leaders prefer to strike a deal now. If Obama delayed such that the horizon of a new day with a new president was visible, many feel the Iranians would soften and acquiesce to requests making more sense for the free world, to include Israel. The chorus of politically correct voices is suggesting the Iran deal will enable powers in the region to relax, if just for 10 or 15 years. Obama’s penchant of ignoring Congress portends he actually knows better. Sidestepping Congress, preferring the United Nations, a liberal, progressive, Democratic president ignored the Republicans as well as the House and Senate Democrats. Why ignore your friends at home unless they are only friends if they do as you want?

What is the obligation of politically motivated Islamists? The Quran, the basis for their applicable laws, permits disobeying oaths and commitments to non-Muslims when the advancement of Islam is a priority. What is the priority of Iran, its imams, its mullahs and its teachers in madrassas and mosques other than to advance Islam? Muslims call it takiyya — lying as permitted by Allah. With no territorial borders for Islam’s ideology, it is the one that defines “true Islam” and has the weapons to give it the superiority and power to enforce the ideal that wins. This deal puts Iran on the path to victory, the pen of Obama inking its advancement and increased status. Are we giving too much to a party that admits it cannot be trusted?

Tom Balderston

Snowmass Village