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Letter: The inside scoop on Basalt candidate

OK, I know I’m Auden Schendler’s wife, so of course I think you should vote for him. But who knows Auden better than I do? After 22 years together, here’s why I think you should vote Auden onto the Basalt Town Council:

Auden has lived in this valley for 24 years and worked or volunteered in every sector: business, education, service industry, government, nonprofit and even as an ambulance medic. He understands our valley’s issues inside out and has the relationships to prove it. Auden remembers (sort of) what it’s like to be young and just starting out. Together we won an affordable-housing lottery in Carbondale after doing our time in a one-room garage apartment. He knows the importance of being given a chance to succeed here.

Auden is compassionate, courageous, smart, grounded, funny, honest and forthright. You know what you get with Auden: Read his op-ed from the Aspen Daily News (“Why I’m running for Basalt Town Council,” Commentary, Feb. 23). He has strong convictions, but he’s also willing to change his opinion (I know, I’ve been successful at that) based on new information and respectful discussion (best if you wait until after coffee). Auden wouldn’t act unilaterally — community engagement is a key part of his platform. He would not spend money needlessly (trust me; I’ve tried), nor would he ignore opportunities to make Basalt great.

Do not vote for Auden if you want someone to passively show up at council meetings. He would dive deep into issues and expect us to join. Auden would push us out of our comfort zone. Though, at times, you might feel exhausted by his energy (call me; we can commiserate), in the end you’d be happy for the journey. Auden expects a lot out of himself and others but brings humor and kindness to the work.

All told, Auden would probably rather spend his free time playing baseball with our son Elias or skiing with our daughter Willa, but we see this as a critical time for Basalt with great opportunity. Auden wants to help. Let’s take him up on it!

Ellen Freedman