Letter: The hiring process works

Recall when the opening for head of the Community Development Department first occurred, there was a call for more public involvement in the form of a citizens’ commission. This quickly morphed into a petition attempt to include a citizens’ commission in hiring processes for that and other top city positions. Having failed, lingering now is a potential ballot measure to amend the charter to mandate that the City Council be actively involved in the hiring process for the Community Development job.

But, with the selection process having drawn to a close without the slightest hint of criticism, the proponents of the potential ballot measure should review such and discontinue any attempt to amend the city charter. The hiring process was comprehensive, fair and inclusive. It included inputs from relevant city boards, welcomed public involvement and was entirely transparent. In short, it worked, and the most qualified person was offered and accepted the position.

Our charter is the city constitution, and changes should be reserved for truly consequential issues. It should not be amended merely to tinker with administrative processes that already function well.

Neil B. Siegel


Letter to the Editor