Letter: The future of broadband

Do you truly love your Comcast or satellite broadband service? Would you like to have a say in what high-speed broadband looks like in our community for the next 25 to 50 years?

The Aspen Entrepreneurs and Investors Network aims to make sure you have answers to these questions and related issues Friday at 7:30 a.m. at the Mountain Chalet with our panel of experts, featuring Lynn Folkersen, enterprise director at Comcast; Rachel Richards, Board of Pitkin County Commissioners chairwoman; Katie King, lead counsel for EPB, a municipal broadband provider in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Jerry Murdock, co-founder of Insight Venture Partners; Gregg Heil, CEO of; and Dave Mayer, founder of Aspen Entrepreneurs and Investors Network.

Change comes with demand; come show your support and help build momentum toward this important goal.

There will be plenty of coffee, Q&A and great conversation. Please RSVP at See you Friday!

Dave Mayer