Letter: The downvalley push

I wish to remind Richard C. Goodwin, the “over-the-hill developer” who feels Referendum 1 has thrown the Aspen City Council and its staff “under the bus” (Letters to the Editor, Aspen Daily News, July 9).

I think it may be the other way around, and the council has not upheld the wishes of the good people of Aspen. Aspen does need more beds, affordable or not, but variances cannot continue to be given at the cost of parking, affordable housing, proposed height and mass and more “boxes” on corners!

Don’t worry: With the new VelociRFTA bus system, there is a bus every eight minutes — except after 8 p.m., on weekends, during the shoulder “off” season or anytime after 2:15 a.m. More riders will be commuting on that bus — running over the council — as more move downvalley past Basalt because Ace Lane’s proposed project hopes to offer only 40 affordable units.

On Wednesday on that bus, I was one of 15 people standing up on the charter-style bus. Oh, well — it beats L.A. or New York rush-hour commutes.

Have a lovely day, all.

John Norman