Letter: The Catholic Church’s cover-up

In response to Roger Marolt’s column on the Roman Catholic Church, Marolt commented on the sexual abuse by priests within the Roman Catholic Church as being a few “rogue priests” (“Defending the Catholic Church,” Commentary, Sept. 19, The Aspen Times).

Did you know there is a site that tracks pedophile priests, Look it up. There’s a lot more than a few of them. Just Google “pedophile priest,” and see what comes up. You’ll see there are, once again, a lot more than just a few child-molesting priests out there.

You should read, if you were unlucky enough to be placed in a Roman Catholic orphanage in at least the past 100 years, that you were almost guaranteed to be systematically raped during your stay. Any time this was brought to light by either parent or child, they were told to shut up or face the consequences. Any time it was proven a priest was raping children, the family was paid off, and the priest was sent to another church, of course not telling the people of that church that your new priest liked to rape kids. I could go on, but I won’t.

Tony O’Rourke