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Letter: The bigger picture on back pain

Back problems can range from nagging to debilitating.

A mechanistic approach would be to look at individual parts to find what is wrong. Looking for a fracture or specific defective part is one approach. A key concept is the relationship between structure and function. If things are in the right place, then they will work right. If they are not, then there is dysfunction. Structural misalignments cause problems.

There are often other factors that may contribute to back pain.

When a vitalistic approach is utilized, we start looking at the body as more than just a bag of bones. From a structural outlook, there may be other causes to the problem. For example, poor foot mechanics may affect the closed kinetic chain to the knees, up to the back and all the way up to the neck. A poor foundation in a house can cause problems throughout the house.

The aging process also can be looked at as an accumulation of stress in the body. The weak link will manifest as the problem. My grandmother told me, “Where you step on the dog’s tail is not where he barks.”

Different stresses can come from physical stress. Also, the foods that we eat can have a significant role in the health of the tissues. You cannot put garbage into the body and expect it to function optimally.

Emotional stresses also can play a major role in physical ailments. Studies indicate that 75 to more than 99 percent of physical ailments have an emotional component to them. The phrases such as “causes a pain in the neck” or “can be a real pain in the butt” are very real.

Studies are demonstrating the role that emotions play. Fortunately, there are energetic psychological techniques that can address these issues.

Other stressors include electromagnetic forces, toxins and infections.

Looking at our bodies differently can lead to insights to help people who suffer from back pain.

Getting healthy is a contact sport, and people need to take ownership for their lifestyles that have contributed to their condition.

The good news is that the body is always striving to heal. The key is to remove the interference that blocks the life energy from flowing. The body knows how to heal. If you cut your finger, the body knows exactly what needs to be done.

New research is revealing that our bodies are really energy beings. Quantum science is substantiating this every day. Many people are not aware of this and are not willing to give up old belief systems.

An example of new technology is cold laser therapy. This effective modality utilizes Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. There is a relationship between energy, mass and light.

In the end, the lifestyle one lives contributes to overall health. The universal law of maintenance is unavoidable.

We are more than just a bag of bones. If you are challenged with back pain, it may be helpful to look outside the bag.

Tom Lankering

Chiropractor, Basalt

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