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Letter: The Aspen old folks home

Turn out the lights; the party’s over. Is it just me, or is anything that smacks of activity, vibrancy, fun and partying pooped on by a large group of old-timers (or a billionaire Russian) who want to see the lights off? Maybe instead of being known as one of the greatest towns for fun, recreation, nightlife and dining, we should listen to them and go after a new community model — an old-folks home.

Or, from the “I got mine; screw everybody else” perspective: Was that Frank Peters who wrote a tirade against Base2 and rich people taking advantage of the system (“What would Bernie do?” The Aspen Times, Oct. 19) the same Frank Peters who built and sold the Hotel Lenado for almost $12 million? The same Frank Peters who, when he built his hotel, refused to guarantee affordable room rates and used the small size of his rooms as an argument that they would be affordable? The same Frank Peters who sold his small hotel to someone who apparently has no interest in retaining it as a hotel? Interesting. I guess the rich Mr. Peters does know the game.

Join the young and young at heart, and vote for Base2 and City Hall as a community center. We are fighting for the soul of Aspen here, and the soul I love doesn’t go to bed at 7 p.m. — even though I might.

Scott Writer