Letter: The ABC’s of voting “yes” on ballot issue 3A:

A) Aspen School District. It’s about the Aspen School District maintaining the high quality education this community expects and receives due to the state of Colorado cutting $3.7 billion from the state’s school district budgets over the past four years.

B) Ballot issue 3A. It’s about maintaining its current class sizes, programs offerings, highly qualified staff, capital maintenance plan and the long-term funding of the Aspen School District needs.

C) Cost. It will cost taxpayers an additional $3 per $100,000 of residential property value and $11 per $100,000 of commercial property value in 2016.

Thank you for voting “yes” on ballot issue 3A.

The Aspen School District Kindergarten Teachers

Lisa Amador DiMento, Kay Erickson, Margaret Romero, Tana Rinaldi, Lisa McGuire, Beth Wille, Jackie Turgeglou and Kindergarten Aide Skye Solheim