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Letter: THC clarification

Thank you for your coverage of an important community issue, namely, the continuous odor emanating from the High Valley Farms facility located on Highway 82 across from my neighborhood of Holland Hills. Many of my neighbors and I participated in the Aug. 11 public hearing on the topic, and I believe your coverage of that hearing was generally accurate and balanced. I would, however, like the opportunity to be clear about the comments attributed to me in your article.

I did state that it has been reported that there is a relationship between greater THC concentration and greater odor (the odor comes from various terpene molecules in the plants). I then posed the question as to what the level of THC might be in and around the facility given the great amount of odor. My comments about possible ill effects were not meant to be linked to THC per se but, rather, to terpene concentrations. As I stated, studies have revealed that terpene exposure may induce allergic reactions in certain people, particularly when the terpenes are oxidized.

My other comment about possible, unknown ill effects was linked to one of the odor-remediation techniques the owners of the facility are proposing. As I understand it from statements made at the hearing, the proposed remediation technique depends on oxidation of the odor causing terpenes. The questions I posed were: Once the terpenes are oxidized, what are the daughter products of this oxidation process that will still emanate from the facility and waft into our neighborhood, and what possible effects might they have on my neighbors’ and my family’s health? Finally, my comment about mercury levels and the Chesapeake Bay were not referring to THC but were said in support of my

comments about the possible effects of chronic, unintended exposure to chemicals in the environment where the effects are not immediately recognized.

Thank you for allowing me to be clearer about my comments and thank you again for your continued coverage of this important issue.

Ted DeWeese