Letter: That smell

No, those new buildings next to the Roaring Fork Club on Highway 82 are not a state-of-the-art breeding facility for skunks. They are greenhouses. But you wouldn’t know it from the smell.

Motorists on 82 notice the smell briefly as they drive by. Bikers and pedestrians on the Roaring Fork Trail stew in it a bit longer, fishermen and golfers longer still. Nearby residents are forced to live under its pungency. That skunky odor emanating from the marijuana-growing operation violates the operation’s county permit. Our elected officials need to be kept informed of this situation so that they can react appropriately when license renewals are submitted.

If that smell interferes with your enjoyment of your residence or recreation, please speak up. Visit, and express your frustration.

This has nothing to do with the morality of marijuana. Break out the Pink Floyd and Ben & Jerry’s, and enjoy. Just don’t inflict the smell of industrial skunk on your neighbors.

This is about preserving — at our homes, in our gardens and along our river — the crisp mountain air we all enjoy.

David Lambert