Letter: Thanks to unions

On Sept. 9, after the Glenwood Springs Post Independent published my letter, “Praise to the Unions”

(Post Independent, Sep. 3), Mr. Randy L. Foreback, a business mail technician at the U.S. Postal

Service in Pennsylvania, posted the below comment to my letter on the newspaper’s website:

“Did you know that labor unions made the following 36 things possible?

Weekends without work

All breaks at work, including your lunch breaks

Paid vacation

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Sick leave

Social Security

Minimum wage

Civil Rights Act/Title VII – prohibits employer discrimination

8-hour work day

Overtime pay

Child labor laws

Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)

40-hour work week

Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp)

Unemployment insurance


Workplace safety standards and regulations

Employer health care insurance

Collective bargaining rights for employees

Wrongful termination laws

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)

Whistleblower protection laws

Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee

Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)

Compensation increases and evaluations (i.e. raises)

Sexual harassment laws

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Holiday pay

Employer dental, life, and vision insurance

Privacy rights

Pregnancy and parental leave

Military leave

The right to strike

Public education for children

Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 – requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work

Laws ending sweatshops in the United States”

Let’s all thank Mr. Randy L. Foreback for bringing these facts of American labor history to our attention.

I sent out this letter on U.S. Constitution Day, Sept. 17. Always remember our U.S. Constitution Day

for now on.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

Burbank, California, and Aspen