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Letter: Thanks to Thrift Shop and Aspen Public Radio

Thanks to Thrift Shop and Aspen Public Radio

There are many nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley that deliver important and even essential services to our fellow residents. Two stand out because they do so much to help other nonprofits.

The oldest and one of the most important is the Thrift Shop of Aspen, a fully volunteer organization of dozens of dedicated women; their work results in donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars to other nonprofit organizations to enable them to fulfill their missions.

Aspen Public Radio provides essential news, information, cultural programming and entertainment to the entire valley. In addition, it supports other nonprofits with free and discounted underwriting announcements about their work and with the “Nonprofit in the Spotlight” program, which gives in-depth information about the programs of other organizations.

We write, on behalf of the Aspen Science Center board, to thank the Thrift Shop of Aspen for another generous donation in support of the Science Center’s work to bring exciting, hands-on science to local children at our Wednesday-evening “Physics Is for Kids” barbecues on the campus of the Aspen Center for Physics.

During the month of June, Aspen Public Radio featured the Aspen Science Center as the “Nonprofit in the Spotlight” (http://aspenpublicradio.org/programs/non-profit-spotlight) and donated additional informative announcements about our programs. We are very grateful for this support.

Jackie Francis, executive director

Mike Simmons, chairman of the board

Aspen Science Center