Letter: Thanks to RFTA for more buses to the Maroon Bells

I just heard that the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority has extended its bus service to the Maroon Bells to include all weekdays in September. In the 1970s, Wilderness Workshop lobbied to get the first bus service to the bells to reduce pollution and traffic. It’s great to see RFTA continuing to expand this service. For the past several fall seasons, Forest Service rangers have been pulled away from important duties in the backcountry to direct traffic and parking at the Bells. For an already understaffed organization, this has meant reduced trail work, less visitor education and difficulty ensuring compliance with regulations such as requiring bear-proof containers in the backcountry.

More buses to the Bells means our Forest Service rangers can get back out in the woods to help manage and protect our trails and public lands. It also means fewer cars, reduced carbon emissions and less air pollution. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Thanks to RFTA for all it does in our valley.

Will Roush

Conservation director, Wilderness Workshop

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