Letter: Thanks to Kerry Donovan for conservation support

I am writing to commend Colorado Sen. Kerry Donovan for supporting clean energy and public health across Colorado by voting “no” on Senate Bill 61. Senate Bill 61 inhibits Colorado’s ability to foster cleaner air, develop more renewable energy and grow our economy with clean energy jobs. Here on the Western Slope, coal, oil and gas prices have fluctuated, and it’s time we reinforce the resilience of our towns with stable, safe and long-term jobs. The transition to renewable clean energy is inevitable, and Colorado has the ability to embrace this shift with the Clean Power Plan; Senate Bill 61 seeks to undermine that policy and all of its benefits.

I, among many others in our community, am fully supportive of Donovan’s vote and her continued willingness to protect the Western Slope. The need to be proactive in the health and well-being of our environment is at hand and it is this kind of leadership that will help ensure a more sustainable future for all.

We must continue to work together in a collaborative approach toward positive solutions for our air quality, energy economy and job production. The Clean Power Plan is a chance for Colorado to take a step in the right direction. As states and countries around the world begin to make leaps toward creating a renewable energy future, Colorado has the chance to continue our leadership or get left behind. We need to continue to be at the forefront of creating clean energy technologies to adapt to the current and coming changes in our climate, and we can simultaneously take advantage of the enormous economic opportunities these new technologies will create across our state. Senate Bill 61 undercuts Colorado’s ability to make forward progress and effectively increases taxpayer costs, adds layers of unnecessary bureaucracy and undercuts the Clean Power Plan.

I applaud Donovan for her continued support of conservation issues and clean jobs. We need more strong leaders like her across the Western Slope willing to take a stand for our communities, our health and our economic security.

Jason E. Evitt