Letter: Thanks to Heritage Park Care Center

Thanks to Heritage Park Care Center

I recently lost a close friend who spent the last 18 months of her life at Heritage Park Care Center, first in assisted living and then, as her health failed following several strokes, in the skilled nursing section. For the last month of my friend’s life, I was there several times a day and able to observe the excellent care provided by the kind, caring and dedicated staff; I cannot speak more highly of their commitment to their clients’ well-being.

It is so difficult to observe our loved ones in discomfort, and we strive to do all we can to ease their pain. I felt that every request I made to Heritage on her behalf was honored and every attempt was made to fulfill her needs. She was treated with the utmost dignity, respect and loving care. I am very grateful to the wonderful folks at Heritage Park. How fortunate we are to have this facility in our community.

Patti Stranahan