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Letter: Thanks for water decision

I want to thank the Snowmass Water Board again for making the intelligent and informed decision to stop water fluoridation in our community. There were four board meetings open to the public on fluoridation with both sides speaking on the issue. The Water Board is the most qualified to make the decision on fluoridation. It is the most educated on this subject because one of its jobs is to know what is in the water and how it will effect the community. Most of the public has no idea of the toxicity of this unnatural fluoride. With the recent overwhelming research on the negative effects of fluoride, the board could no longer continue putting this poison in our water.

I know there are people who don’t agree with this decision, but if they actually took time to read the recent research, they might have a change of heart. Children and pets are the most affected. They are being overdosed with this toxic waste. If I believed in water fluoridation but there were people telling me that the new research indicates that the fluoride is a poison, I definitely would look into it for the health of my children. I also would stop them from drinking the water until I found out for sure if it was a health hazard or not. I would do anything to protect my child from being exposed to a toxic waste. It is so comforting to know that my water is as clean as it can be now that fluoridation has stopped.

I have been getting calls, and I’ve heard people talking around town about how much better they feel. They tell me the brain fog that they experience every day has lifted. They tell me their joints don’t hurt as much and their skin and hair are much softer. Also, they are experiencing a lot more energy. I also have experienced clearer thinking, softer skin and hair and a lot more energy. It’s only going to get better, as all of the tanks are cleared of this waste byproduct. More and more cities and countries in the world are refusing or discontinuing water fluoridation. To medicate the population without consent is unethical and illegal. In some states there are class-action lawsuits to stop this mass medication. This is against people’s rights, and it should be stopped. Snowmass Village has been an inspiration to other cities in our state. They have begun the fight for their rights to stop mass medication. Denver, Durango and Grand Junction are just a few. Take charge of your own health. Do your own research on the negative health effects of this unnatural fluoride.

Cris Cuda