Letter: Thanks for the opportunity

As the American-born rugged individualist gentleman, let me publicly give a gigantic “thank you very much” to Stacey Bernot, former Carbondale mayor and former Roaring Fork Transportation Authority chairwoman.

Bernot, as the RFTA chairwoman, opened the door that, with my push, led to my Transit TV presentation to the RFTA board and its staff Sept. 8.

Both my extemporaneous oral presentation and handed-in, five-page, typed presentation should be recognized in the official RFTA board-meeting record.

My presentation approach was heavily influenced by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and my experience testing before federal, state, county and local government bodies.

I assure this newspaper-reading public that my delivery to the RFTA board and its staff was stellar professionalism and showmanship in the fashion of our past great American leaders and the old-time Rodeo Drive Committee.

Heck, I have lots of starlike showmanship that makes the Republican Party presidential contender look like a dwarf star wearing a baby’s diaper and sucking on a baby bottle.

I’ve taken the Transit TV campaign on the road into other affluent ski-resort areas like Vail, Steamboat Springs and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

That’s one of the reasons why I dropped the names of Vail’s Andy Daly and Jackson Hole’s Mark Barron on the RFTA board — because they’ll recall me when I contacted them when I worked at The Beverly Hills Courier newspaper as its “sales executive/outside travel,” who was also assigned to interview them and write feature columns on these then-ski-town mayors.

Barron and Daly do believe in making money and helping others to do the same, even Young Turks. With these guys, there’s no con or slick jive talking or putting go-getters in a trick bag.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen