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Letter: Thanks for the article

Let me thank The Aspen Times reporter Karl Herchenroeder for featuring me in an article, “Veazy comes, Veazy goes” (May 23) that many people liked reading. He and I were born in the state of Maryland, so I consider his newspaper assignment historical.

However, may I clarify that I first visited Aspen in August 1977 and a second time on Halloween 1977? Both times I crossed over Independence Pass to get to Aspen. The first time, a golden eagle flew over the top of the pass. Think “77 Sunset Strip” to remember 1977.

Now back in 1979, Suzanne Lehman Webster of Philadelphian, Diane Jaquith of Arizona, Carla Hammons of Oklahoma and Marcie Ellis of Alaska were around, including Doc Bufford. They knew me.

Ellis’ family owned an Alaskan airport and were allies of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas.

Also in that yesteryear at the Aspen Institute, I attended a lecture by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, and a Case Western University professor invited me into the brainstorming conference about planning the comeback of the U.S. automobile industry.

In addition, I am grateful that the 5-star hotel The Little Nell was the setting for Herchenroeder’s interview and Aspen Times photographer Jeremy Wallace’s photo shoot. The Little Nell is one of only three 5-star hotels in all of Colorado. The Colorado oil baron Marvin Davis, who once simultaneously owned The Little Nell, Aspen Skiing Co. and 20th Century Fox Studios, slept there. Hollywood can never forget Marvin Davis, who became a Hollywood and Los Angeles premier socialite.

In closing, how many remember the restaurant Old Andre’s, where you could get a good breakfast for $1.70? Who recalls New Andre’s, the disco? And the Endeavor Lodge? The Popcorn Wagon used to sell crepes, isn’t that right?

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen