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Letter: Thanks for a successful event

The Aspen Science Center owes many thanks for the amazingly fun and successful Master of the Edible Molecule Cocktail and Food Competition held at Jimmy’s American Restaurant & Bar on May 17. There were a lot of moving parts that miraculously meshed due to the devotion of our many supporters, and key among them is Jimmy Yeager, who turned over his restaurant for all of our May events. Morgan Henschke and her dedicated ProStart culinary students impressed the audience members, the judges and the chefs they worked with, adding an educational awareness to culinary science.

We could not be more honored than to have so many renowned chefs offer up their time and energy for the event: Francis Stuckens from Green Cuisine, Manuel Diaz from Jimmy’s, Tamera Ferro from the Jerome, Bryan Nelson from the Bodega, Carolina Vela from Casa Tua, Mike Zeimer from the Caribou Club, Kip Feight from Conundrum Catering, and Chris Lanter from Cache Cache. We dare say they had just as much fun as the audience, and we appreciate their knowledge about the science of cooking and their fun, competitive flare.

While the judges definitely had the best job in the house, their animated support and dedication to the nuances of food were paramount to the idea of molecular gastronomy. Aidan Wynn of El Rincon, while being a die-hard supporter of the science center, loved “being judgey,” Wendy Mitchell donated cheese varieties as well as her palate, and Emily Kolbe fed the crowd with her Brunelleschi’s pizzas while she enjoyed the delicacies put before her. Thank you.

Vince Lahey added the hilarious commentary and auctioneering talent that kept the crowd engaged, and we hope his fascination with liquid nitrogen continues to keep him in our science circle. The team captains were great sports; it was obvious to the spectators how much Eric Cohen, David Houggy, Roger Marolt, Robin Smith and Harry Teague loved to cook and how supportive they were of the science center and culinary team. We also want to thank our high school interns and volunteers for their willingness to spend a Sunday afternoon helping us. Once again, Alpine Bank supported the mission of science community outreach, and we are continually grateful for their sponsorship.

All in all, the event was filled with excitement, fun and the wonders of relevant science. We appreciate the many patrons who supported this fundraiser for the Aspen Science Center and Aspen High School ProStart Culinary Team. The buzz was palpable, guaranteeing a repeat performance in the future!

Denise Barkhurst