Letter: Thanks for a great recreation season

The 2016 Instructional Basketball League season is winding down, and Basalt Recreation would like to send a thank-you to all the people who made this a fun and successful season. Our coaches make the season special for all the players by making the game fun and teaching fundamentals and awesome sportsmanship. It is a pleasure to work with these talented individuals. Thank you to Peter Dolan, Kat Fitzpatrick, Ryan Beckman, Mitch Levy, Martin Alvarado, Garrett Reuss, Robert Peters, Bob Daniel, Scott Garcia, Lou Illouz, Ben Allen, Pat Barill, Gregg Adams, Bill Haden, Rochelle Mercer, Brittany Guglielmo, Ginny Beckman, Brandi Wolfe, Steve Clettenberg, Mike Geiser, Matt Inglis, Tyler Sims, Jeff Gatlin, Chris Lane, Doug Olson, Garry Pfaffmann and Todd Hartley. Thank you to all our fantastic referees. Thank you to the parents who attended the games and cheered on the teams. Thank you to our sponsors for your continued support. Thank you to the other valley recreation departments for your help in making this a great season. And finally, thank you to all our young players who made this a fun season to be in the gymnasiums watching your dedication to the sport, to the team and to your coaches.

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department