Letter: Thanks for a great event

The first annual Crown Summerfest put on by Crown Mountain Park was a major success.

A big thank-you to the sponsors who made this possible: Holy Cross Energy, Alpine Bank and the town of Basalt.

Thank you to in-kind sponsors: Big Mtn Events, Above It All Balloons, KSPN, Taco Vendors, Roaring Fork Club, Mi Casita, Cocina Del Valle, Down Valley Tavern, Smoke, Timbo’s Pizza and La Plaga Chilanga.

Our family of volunteers: Mary “Rockstar” Kenyon, Andy Putnam, Vanessa Portillo, Gracie and Jesse Piccinati, Robert Smith, Shaggy and Theresa Fink, Coley Campbell, random guy who served beer so he could drink it for free, Jessi and Jason (Carbondale Rec all-stars), Kiko and Yvette of Crown BMX, Rod and Theo of BSC, Claudia Santacruz, Cisco Carballo, Jonelle Luther, Deb Morrison, Quin and Margaret Donnelly, Melissa Williams, Meghan Kirkland, Bob Stewart, Pam Centeno, Pam Salcedo, Steve and Jace Luck, Elijah Sweeterman, Grant McKinnon, Olive Tampol, Trevor Capel-Jones, Kathy and Bill Kirkland, Kimberly McCleary, Jackie Terfulou and Susie Campbell.

Congratulations to the winner of the taco competition, Matt and Vinny of the Roaring Fork Club.

If I forgot to thank you, I’ll buy you lunch!

Nate Grinzinger

Crown Mountain Parks and Recreation Department