Letter: Thanks for a great campaign season

Now that the election is over and before we all go our own way, I wanted to take a timeout from this campaign stuff and thank everyone who has supported me these past months. It is rather overwhelming. People I know well and people I never knew have encouraged and inspired me to stay the course. The folks at Town Hall have tolerated my presence — as I have asked question after question — and been patient and very helpful. My “old” friends I have had forever have been great, and the new friends I have made have made me smile over and over. I really did not appreciate how my actions over time have affected so many. I guess we all can learn from that and recognize that it does indeed take a community to make a life worth living. It is friends that make the difference and why you persevere.

My wife has been a real tower of strength in all of this, and my sons also have kept me solid. It is family that keeps you going and holds you up.

My good friends who have mentored me all these years have seen a positive shift in the momentum in this effort to get me elected due to the nurturing, excellent coaching, non-authoritative relationship-building, watching-out-for-one-another kind of folks who make up the majority of our residents. The people who have supported me are unique in their talents. They all have great team-building skills and deeply appreciate one another. They are the best, and we are lucky to have such stalwarts in our midst. If I did not come out the winner in this election, I can guarantee I have won in many, many other ways.

It has been a great experience, one I will never forget. Thank you for giving your time — the most precious gift of all.

Rick Stevens