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Letter: Thankful for Aspen

Before I rush into the next season, which is quite easy to do, I have to give thanks for what I’ve experienced this past season and for living in Aspen in general. I’ve been blessed to live in Aspen — the love of my life — for more than 32 years. It’s one of the most amazing blessings of my life. I find gratitude to be more and more important as time goes on, as it recognizes the rich blessings and helps create happiness.

I’m grateful for another fantastic winter season. I’m grateful for the snow we did get, at just the right time, and all the energy and adventures that it helped create. Snow is darn fun to play in, and I’m thankful for some amazing days playing in the mountains in new snow and sunshine and sharing those experiences with others. I’m very thankful to Aspen Skiing Co. and the premium skiing and snowboarding experience they offered with very little to work with at times and record high temps from January on. Bravo, Aspen Skiing Co.! Another bountiful gift I’m grateful for is the Highland Bowl. The bowl is a one-of-a-kind, in-bounds skiing adventure, escape and spiritual place.

In general, I’m very thankful for the incredible mountain lifestyle Aspen offers and the natural, majestic beauty that continually blows my mind. I’m so thankful for those folks who recognize the incredibly unique and special place Aspen is and will be for years to come. In particular, I appreciate those who are willing to stand up for Aspen and our values (as stated in the Aspen Area Community Plan) and protect the precious, unique aspects such as respecting both the natural environment and our built environment; especially buildings that are in harmony in size and scope with their neighborhoods. Thanks to those who love and respect our town as a caring community versus a mere commodity. I’m thankful for those who still value the lifestyle and the local residents over the illusion of happiness that is money and material wealth, pushing constantly to change our town, often in undesirable ways driven by greed.

As we approach an election, I’m thankful for and respect those who care enough about Aspen to give a little bit back by caring at a fundamental level and voting. I really respect and thank the candidates, who give so much time, effort and show their love of Aspen at such a high level. I thank voters who consider whether the council and the land-use code has done our town justice (take a look around downtown) or if perhaps we need more “backbone” through Referendum 1. Thanks so much for considering the candidates and whether they support maintaining current and future affordable-housing opportunities and the environment; two issues that are very closely linked.

I could give more thanks (my friends know it’s true), but I’ll call it good and save some space for the flood of election letters that are sure to come in. Aren’t you thankful?

Erik Skarvan