Letter: Thank you, Valley View Hospital

Last week I experienced a problem with my heart that required me to arrive at Valley View Hospital in an ambulance that triggered a great deal of commotion. Even though the EMTs did their best to make me comfortable, I was a pretty nervous guy as I entered. That ended almost immediately. The Valley View nurses are truly wonderful. Every one of them was at the top of their game and was thoughtful, kind and caring. I never thought that a hospital visit could make me feel as if I were on a weekend getaway.

Thanks to everyone in the Valley View Critical Care Unit. I know that I have dropped some of your names, and I really missed badly on the names of the guys, but I do want to give a shout-out to Lesley, Natalie, Annalise, Valerie, Stacey, Heather and Dr. Jennifer York. You all are the best! You make me wish that I were 35 years younger.

Gary Brewer, hospital CEO, you have a great team.

Thank you.

Richie Cohen