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Letter: Thank you, Boogie

There are few people who consistently embody a commitment to their community and to helping those who are in need. Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass is one such individual. From the moment he moved to Aspen, he has been a generous but humble supporter of so many important organizations and individuals.

Pathfinders is one such organization to benefit from the generosity of Boogie. Boogie has offered support to Pathfinders and has been an effective partner and cheerleader for our nonprofit.

The mission of Pathfinders is to assist those struggling with debilitating and often terminal diseases. Pathfinders recently needed additional funds to help some struggling families, and Boogie very generously stepped in to help these locals.

Thank you, Boogie, from the bottom of our hearts. You really do make a difference to so many. We are so very appreciative.

Debbie Kreutzer and Allison Daily