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Letter: Thank you, Boogie

The fantastic success of the pop-up sale exceeded the most optimistic expectations! A tremendous amount of money was raised, all due to the generosity of Boogie Weinglass.

The ladies of The Thrift Shop of Aspen are thrilled to thank everyone who helped make the sale an unprecedented success. Ruth Kruger, Charlie Weaver, JP Nevada’s Trust and Bob Langley donated and secured the venue for the event. Victoria and John donated all profits from coffee and lemonade sales. Shoppers were patient and tenacious as they cheerfully joined the mayhem to find the perfect designer jeans, boots and t-shirts. An army of Thrift Shop volunteers worked tirelessly and even brought husbands, grandparents and children to help set up and organize.

The entire event was fast, fun, crazy and a unique Aspen happening. Every penny raised will go back to the community to grant scholarships and fund nonprofits in the valley.

Ellen Walbert

The Thrift Shop of Aspen