Letter: Tell City Council how you feel

People have commented to me favorably on my column “New rules for the monkey cage” (Dec. 18, The Aspen Times). Typical of the comments is the one I received today from a neighbor who was standing at the bus stop by our house when we returned home from the morning errands.

“In the Christmas spirit, let me say I liked your column. There is a lot of truth in it.”

I appreciate the kind words, even from those who are just trying to be nice. But for those who believe that our City Council is not properly supervising its city management, or those who believe that the City Council should give up some of its redundant activity to other city boards so the council can concentrate on keeping track of our public funds (among other things), I say this: Don’t tell me. Tell your City Council members. Call them. Email them. Talk to them face to face. Tell them what you think and what you want. They can do something about it — I can’t. If you don’t, nothing will change.

Maurice Emmer