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Letter: Tell Basalt developers to take a hike

I want to urge the Basalt Town Council to tell the developers who are greedily salivating over the newly available riverfront open space to take a hike! If their intentions are legitimate and in the best interests of the whole community, then why are they trying to rush the process with a surprise vote Tuesday? That, in and of itself, makes me very suspicious of their plans.

The river belongs to everyone. It is the heart and soul of our valley and its community. Let us remember that dozens of families were displaced from their homes in order for the town to have access to this land. We need to make sure that it’s developed in a way that benefits everyone, not just a handful of developers. We have the opportunity to develop this land in a way that will draw people into the heart of Basalt in large numbers for river access, music, fairs and community events. Those sorts of things would bring more people (and more business) into downtown Basalt, something that both business owners and the Town Council have been working on for years; we have never had such a good opportunity to accomplish this goal. Please don’t pass it up! Please don’t put the desires of the monied few ahead of the good of the whole community. What kind of hold do developers have over you? What could they possibly be offering that could make you even consider giving them development rights in this invaluable public open space? It seems ridiculous that private development is even in consideration for this beautiful, riverfront land in the heart of Basalt. Again, please tell these guys to go take a hike! There are ample local opportunities for them to do so.

Maureen Hinkle