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Letter: Teach your children well

Teach your children well

While my husband and I were waiting in the short lift line to get on the Village Express at Snowmass on MLK Day, a ski-school instructor with several young children asked us if we wouldn’t mind taking two of her students up to Midway. We could see that this was going to help her out, and we immediately obliged.

No sooner than when we get our allotted young ones, the lift chair arrived. While gathering up the 3-year-old to get on the chair with my husband and his newly acquired 4-year-old, a teenager pushes me from the left side and tells me to get the “f-bomb out of the way” and gets on the chair with my husband, while I am left behind to absorb the shock of what just happened and thus to immediately get on the next chair. The young snowboarder, dressed in a bright yellow jacket, had forced his way ahead of me as I sat somewhat in fear at the very outside edge of the chair, obviously not realizing he pushed me out of the way only to sit next to my 6-foot-6, 260-pound husband! Was my husband going to address this ill-mannered teenager’s dangerous ignorance? As I engaged into conversation with my extremely excited and very happy young skier next to me, my shock quickly subsided and I too could see that my husband was clearly invested in the wellbeing of his little skier and not slightly interested in the yellow-bellied coward sitting as far away as possible from him. (The visual from my lift chair behind was quite comical).

Growing up, I was taught respect and discipline, not only at home but as well as in school and ski school. Practicing the Golden Rule not only brings to the individual, regardless of age, a sense of mindfulness and thoughtfulness, but it ultimately leads to being prepared to help others. Also, the universe teaches us that what goes around eventually comes around, so perhaps if the yellow-jacketed one cannot learn to help others from his parents, perhaps then, he may learn from karma.

Lee Anna Hughes