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Letter: Talk to reps about climate-change legislation

Thank you, Paul Andersen, for making the connection between our local cherished landscapes, our consumptive behavior and our climate in your column “Thompson Divide meets the Philippines” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, Dec. 15) — a good reminder that local actions on a global scale can have global consequences, good or bad. The Philippine government is asking America and other major consumers of fossil fuels to acknowledge that our emissions are having big impacts on vulnerable nations like the Philippines and to reduce those emissions. Reducing our nation’s carbon emissions is a huge task, and with oil prices so artificially cheap right now, its use will only rise. This is a market failure that needs to be corrected, and thankfully there is a solution being put forward that make economic sense — a carbon fee and dividend program. A national price on carbon at the point of production, with full revenue return to citizens and border adjustments, would internalize the social cost of carbon-based fuels. If passed, it would rapidly achieve large emission reductions by making renewable energy more competitive and carbon-intensive products less competitive. It would stimulate the economy, recruit global participation and hopefully reduce impacts to nations like the Philippines. Local actions are what will ultimately get pro-climate legislation passed, so tell your Reps. Scott Tipton and newly elected Cory Gardner that you support a carbon fee and dividend. To learn more about carbon fee and dividend and to get involved, visit http://www.citizensclimatelobby.org.

Dom Smith


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