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Letter: Take your freedom back

Pitkin County, we live in a relatively enlightened part of the world. Yet we are still an anomaly.

Most of us live a lifestyle akin to the 1 percent. We do pretty much what we want to do when we want to do it. Eat in nice places, relatively healthy food, breathe clean air, drink clean water, and a lot of it, make as many turns in the week as we can possibly fit in. Hike and bike whenever we can. And did I mention the scenery? Yep, kind of hard to top the aesthetics of our backyard whether our homes are mansions or employee houses. Yet most of our incomes range in the lower 25 percent. Still not nearly as bad as the even lower tiers, but most of us have to work pretty hard to play here in the middle. Perhaps we are the last remnants of the middle class. Regardless, what really makes us stand out here in Pitkin County is our level of awareness. Our awakening. Our consciousness. Unlike so many other places in this country, you don’t need a speech to tell you the difference between the old, establishment way of doing things and the way it should be and once was done. You know, and no one should have to remind you. You know, damn it!

To protect those who have figured out a way to make a living as politicians and captains of commerce, things have become rather dark. Hello, darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

We, the taxpayers, are simply managed with techniques of fear, greed, manipulation and deceit. Which makes us perfect, controllable constituents, aka the funding mechanism. But it once was all about “we the people.” Where and when did we settle for becoming “we the taxpayers”? And the vision? To move us back toward a nation that exists for us, the people, we need radical change. We need to dismantle the machine that has become programmed to protect the politicians, protect the wealthy and the greedy, protect the fearmongers and the manipulators. We need to rebuild the structure that we started with: one steeped in truth, light and transparency. Bernie can’t do it by himself and readily says so. But with him as the catalyst, we the people can recapture our long-lost freedoms. You know this. Why is there even a question?

It is because we let the fear that has been planted in our brains still remain. He’s not electable, she has more warmongering experience, and so on and so forth. Really? That’s it? No. There simply is no room for fear when one names and tackles the enemy that is his in order to rebuild his home.

Please show up Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Aspen High School. Yep, you must be a registered Democrat. And you must be there to vote.

Nick Nicholson

Caucus captain and coordinator, Pitkin County for Bernie

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