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Letter: Take a leadership role, Basalt

The town of Basalt can take a leadership role, demonstrate the intelligence needed to look at the big picture and resist the “easy solution” by preserving the Pan and Fork parcel as open space. Such action will give developers the opportunity to consider mixed use development where it belongs.

The Clark’s Market/Aspenalt Motel area (Basalt Center Circle Property) is at the heart of Basalt’s commercial core, and it is our job as a community to direct developers to what works best for Basalt now and long into the future. This property is complicated in terms of ownership, and the town of Basalt has the capability and legal tools to steer developers to work toward a solution that answers the community’s desire to protect open space wherever possible and to create a more dense, vibrant commercial core. The Pan and Fork as open space will benefit all surrounding development as well as honoring the last riverfront parcel in Basalt.

When a developer comes to Basalt, let’s tell them where development is appropriate and work with them and property owners to make it happen. This path is not easy, but isn’t it worth taking the time and effort to plan for a future when there will be no more open spaces to preserve?

Lynn Nichols