Letter: Sustainable food success

The Local Food Convergence was an incredible night for our local food system and an important step forward in the local food movement. Looking around the room at the Palace in Aspen, everywhere I looked I saw someone who I admire and honor for their contribution to making sure we have a local food supply that will sustain us in the times to come. The Roaring Fork Food Alliance would like to deeply thank the following sponsors of the Convergence: 2Forks Investment Club, Mountain Primal Meat Co., Eagle Springs Organic Farm, Justice Snow’s Restaurant and Bar, Aspen Brewing Co., Whole Foods and the Aspen Skiing Co.

Also, thank you to local farms Osage Gardens, Early Morning Orchard, Roaring Gardens, Mountain Primal Meat and Avalanche Cheese for their beautiful local food. And to chefs Jim Butchart and Andrew Helsley of Ski Co., Francis Stuckens of Green Cuisine and Katie Baum of EAT for creating such delicacies with it!

Big thanks to Reuben Sadowsky and Joey Stokes and the Gravity Productions crew for hosting this special gathering at The Palace — a creative masterpiece hosting all kinds of inspiring events this month! Go have an elixir at the organic juice bar.

For more info on the Roaring Fork Food Alliance, the coalition of all those participants in and supporters of our local food system, please visit We look forward to building many more allies in the effort to grow an ample and resilient supply of local healthy food for our communities.

Gwen Garcelon

Director, Roaring Fork Food Alliance