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Letter: Surgeon’s loss a blow to Aspen Valley Hospital

Dear Editor:

In regards to the article in The Aspen Times on May 23, I feel it is imperative to write the board of Aspen Valley Hospital in support for Dr. John Schultz’s service to this community.

I am upset to lose such a valuable surgeon to the Aspen community. Dr. Schultz has proven to be a highly skilled and trusted general surgeon to the area, and to see him go would be so disappointing to not only the medical community, but his patients, their families and friends. To only leave one general surgeon choice for our community seems unfair for the patients in need.

The board stated that Dr. Schultz and Dr. Rodman have conflicts between them, so then it seems only natural to have them work in different practices but still have access and credentials for Aspen Valley Hospital. Many physicians are moving their practices to the new facility and to have Dr. Schultz join them would better the continuity of care for all patients in need.

I know many patients that are very fond of Dr. Schultz and his surgical skills. As I grew up in Aspen, I have known Dr. Rodman almost my whole life and I have nothing but good to say about his services as a patient and from personal and professional experiences.

My family members have been patients of Dr. Rodman as well in the past, and now both of my parents are patients of Dr. Schultz’s. I moved back to the valley after getting out of the military, and I began working for Dr. Ann Mass, who shares an office with Dr. Rodman and Dr. Schultz.

I worked side by side of them for three years and really enjoyed their practice. Neither I, nor my family, have ever seen the animosity between Rodman and Schultz during their providing care as they remain professional. Because of this, I am certain that they will continue to give each other the same respect during all professional patient care needs. For this I feel that they will be just fine in both practicing at Aspen Valley Hospital together.

It seems this decision by the board of Aspen Valley Hospital is not considering the community’s needs. Dr. Schultz is a valuable physician and I feel strongly that it would be a mistake to not grant him the ability to practice as he has clearly earned over the past nine years of dedicated service. I know many patients would be very upset by this decision.

He is professional, personable, and a highly dedicated physician needed for this extremely demanding patient demographic we hold in the valley. I hope that this letter is taken in consideration to hopefully assist in persuading the board of AVH to reinstate Dr. John Schultz’s credentials and hire him as an AVH employee. Thank you for your time and consideration to this important matter.

Amber (DeLuca) Sherman


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