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Letter: Support your local Uber

It’s been proven Uber doesn’t displace local transportation services; it helps meet growing new demand, so it’s not a threat to existing taxi or limo businesses, and it comes at no cost to local taxpayers.

Uber organically flexes to meet demand. We struggle as a community to scale our transportation to meet demand during holidays and peak times. Uber provides an efficient and scalable solution.

Uber provides jobs. In our town, where it often takes three jobs to get by, driving for Uber offers a full- or part-time job with a flexible schedule.

Uber has had a dramatic impact on reducing DUIs, something that has plagued our community, and Uber provides safe transportation for the elderly and teens. In the past year, our community has suffered from tragic accidents involving seniors and teenagers, and Uber will hopefully reduce the likeliness of these devastating incidents.

Uber serves as a viable rental-car alternative, reducing the number of visitors who will need parking spaces for their rental cars.

Studies report that 97 percent of cars are idle. They’re only utilized 3 percent of the time. This couldn’t be more true in Aspen. There are hundreds of cars in town that sit and rot on the street idle until the occasional time they’re needed. Uber makes it more likely that a local family, couple or individual can reduce their dependence on a personal vehicle.

Finally, studies have revealed that 30 percent of traffic is created by drivers looking for parking spots. Uber reduces demand on parking, thereby reducing congestion in the core. Uber offers one more option for locals and visitors to avoid the need to drive, which by all accounts is positive.

Ride Uber, or get out there and drive for Uber. It’s good for the community.

Peter Grenney