Letter: Support quality patient care

I recently had a firsthand experience with our local Aspen Valley Hospital. It was successful in every way. With this experience in mind, and knowing that so many of my friends have had similar experiences with the hospital, I am writing to urge our entire community to vote “yes” on the hospital mill-levy extension. Remember that this is an extension of the existing district mill levy, meaning there is no added cost to local taxpayers.

I had the “good fortune” to discover firsthand a healing community within our community that is talented, skilled and committed to quality and attentive patient care. This summer, when my damaged knees finally begged for replacement, I had full knee replacements done by local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tom Pevney — who is the best. The surgery was done at our own Aspen Valley Hospital. I found that the real work for me, and my greatest challenge, was recovery. I had the good fortune of spending a number of days as a hospital resident. The nurses, staff and physical-therapy professionals were exceptional, and they are responsible (along with the good doctor) for my healing.

I experienced myself this summer how fortunate we are to have a hospital right here in Aspen that is of such a high caliber with a professional medical staff that works wonders with patient care. Let’s not allow our hospital to slip in any way in terms of its quality care and the services it provides. When we need medical care, our local hospital is there. Please join me and so many other Aspen Valley Hospital patients past and present in voting “yes” on ballot measure 5A.

Kathleen Klug