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Letter: Support for Schendler

There is a breath of fresh air about to be felt in Basalt. His name is Auden Schendler. He is running for a seat at the table as a Town Council member. Check him out. He’s the real deal.

In a recent letter to the editor, a Basaltine challenged Auden as having a conflict of interest because his day job is as the executive director of sustainability with Aspen Skiing Co. (“Beware of conflicts in Basalt,” The Aspen Times, Feb. 23). Such a divisive and unfounded challenge is why many with great talent, commitment, dedication and established personal character tend to shy away from engaging in the complex and unforgiving world of public service.

In all great small towns and communities, there tends to be one degree of separation between its residents. That’s what makes such small towns so desirable to call home. Conflicts of interest are actually based on one’s personal character makeup and morals, not one’s day job. Auden’s personal character is beyond reproach. He is also a recognized industry leader in his day job. Can you say “win-win”?

I want to personally thank Auden and all of the candidates for stepping up for Basalt. For those who have never considered public service, please show respect for those who have. Basalt is at a crossroads. Basalt needs leadership. Basalt needs an Auden.

R.J. Gallagher Jr.


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