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Letter: Support a better Aspen hospital


Support a better hospital

Dear Editor:

In November 2012, Aspen Valley Hospital opened its just-completed expansion, including rehab services for physical, occupational and speech therapy. As the director of the department for the past 20 years and an employee of Aspen Valley Hospital for 28 years, I am very familiar with the deficiencies of our hospital building.

I am extremely grateful that approval was granted for the expansion and feel that it has made a significant difference in the quality of care our therapists provide.

The benefits for patients are innumerable. No more sharing a mat table with a stranger; no more public discussions about challenges and progress; no more equipment spaced so closely together that it’s a safety hazard; no more wondering where and when speech and occupational therapists will have a place to serve their patients; no more clutter with wheelchairs blocking access to walkers and other equipment and supplies.

Instead, there is sufficient space and privacy for all aspects of the care we provide. We now offer aquatic therapy, Pilates and gyrotonics and have a new Alter-G antigravity treadmill in addition to more traditional forms of therapy. Orthopedic doctors — who oversee the therapy provided to most of our patients — are just a few steps away for consultation and observation. In addition, our location offers incredible views that are both distracting and motivating for patients suffering with pain and weakness. We finally have an environment that enhances our services rather than impedes them.

The thing is, as great as the needs in the rehab department were, the needs are equally great for the next phases of expansion. I hope you’ll support what still needs to be done for emergency, surgery, imaging and lab patients. This is your hospital, and you will be the benefactor of the improvements. Thank you.

Jan Alling

Director, Rehabilitation Services, Aspen Valley Hospital