Letter: Successful baseball season

As our baseball season winds down and the equipment starts stacking up in the rec office, we would like to thank our coaches who spent many evenings and hot days on the diamond coaching our players and teaching them not only baseball but sportsmanship and teamwork. Many thanks to Bob Daniel, Kirk Schneider, Auden Schendler, Larry Madden, Garry Pffaffmann, Todd Hartley, Eric Musselman, Scott Garcia, Marlin Wolfe, Steve Clettenberg, Pedro Alvarez, Tom Moore, Robert Peters, Jeff Limongelli, Shaine Conrardy, Todd Stoner, Bart Johnson, Jon Leibell, Kevin Bruce, Michael Coyle, Michael Glenn, Michael Bassi, Eric Vozick, Mike Glen, Tim Bauer, Deb Reardon, Marge Schrock, Karen Baxter, Jeanne Mackowski and Katie King. I also would like to thank Katie Hankinson, the umpire coordinator, for keeping the umpires organized and keeping our fields ready for play. Thank you to all of our umpires for their hard work with the games. Thank you to Crown Mountain, Kat, Christy and Chris for making sure we had wonderful fields to play on. Thank you to all the parents who helped with treats, made sure the kids were at the fields with all their gear and cheered the teams on! And finally, thank you to all the players for giving the teams the best you could. You are all champions! Thanks for being on Basalt Recreation’s team!

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department