Letter: Stronger leadership in Basalt

In less than a week, Basalt residents must submit their ballots for mayor and town council. Most voters have probably already registered their choices. But if not, I encourage you to vote for Rick Stevens for mayor. He has been deeply involved in our community on many levels: running a successful business, volunteering in youth sports, helping with Aspen Community Foundation’s Cradle to Career Initiative, being an influential voice among Aspen Skiing Company professionals, and serving as mayor and council member for so many years. His experience gives him a sense of our needs, wants and aspirations as a community. Combine his local involvement with his decades long study of local governments in the region, and Rick brings to the table much that can be applied to our current challenges.

Some want to see the election as pro-growth vs anti-growth, but really it’s about leadership and the process of local government. I applaud Jacque for her years of service. I also find her out of step with Basalt’s current needs. Hers is an outdated vision of Basalt as a small town. Where would Basalt be now if Jacque’s small-town vision had prevailed and Whole Foods had been voted down? Basalt is not one small town, it is a wonderful mix of small town and more urban elements. We will only truly prosper with both. Rick understands that it is not one against the other, rather one working in harmony with the other.

Jacque has on at least two occasions suggested that so much could be done if there were more like-minded voices on the council. This is tantamount to saying, I can lead if others will think like me. Basalt needs stronger leadership than that. Basalt needs Rick Stevens.

Mark Cole


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