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Letter: Stop water fluoridation

The U.S. government wants you to look better.

Do you believe that?

An announcement has just been made to reduce fluoride in the water because it is causing white splotches on kids’ teeth.

Yet there have been more than 43 studies that say that fluoride lowers children’s IQ by eight to 10 points. There also are numerous studies indicating that fluoride is associated with cancer, endocrine disruption and other health issues associated with the brain, bones, the thyroid and pineal gland, and even blood-sugar levels (diabetes). Do you know anyone dealing with any of these health issues?

When fluoridation began, officials had no idea that fluoride could affect cognitive functions.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not comment on two well-publicized studies released this year linking fluoridation with ADHD and underactive thyroid.

The department has not dealt with the fact that infants who receive formula made with fluoridated water at the new guideline level will receive 175 times more fluoride than the breast-fed infant.

It is wrong to think that our public water systems are pharmacies. It is imperative that we end the practice of dispensing a medical substance in the public drinking water.

The Food and Drug Administration has never given its approval for fluoride supplements to be used to prevent tooth decay.

The lies and deceptions have been made that fluoride is naturally occurring in nature. The natural form is calcium fluoride.

Fluorosilicic acid is the form of fluoride that is added to the water systems. It is a corrosive acid captured in the air-pollution-control devices of the phosphate-fertilizer industry. It is filtered out because fluoride gases are hazardous air pollutants that cause significant environmental harm.

There has never been one study on the safety or effectiveness of this chemical.

Yet this is one of the most contaminated chemicals added to public water supplies and may impose more risks than those presented by natural fluorides. These risks include cancer and neurotoxic hazards.

Kidney patients, children, diabetics and seniors have been designated as “susceptible subpopulations” that are especially vulnerable to harm from ingested fluorides. How can we in good conscience give susceptible people an uncontrolled amount of fluoride in water?

Mass medication without any kind of monitoring is dangerous.

Studies show that communities that have stopped fluoridating their water have no increase in cavities.

Public drinking water is a basic human right. No group should be able to put any substance in our drinking water.

A person’s freedom has been taken away with drinking-water fluoridation when they are unable to choose what they take into their bodies.

Water issues are a major concern in our community. It is too bad that a community that prides itself of being on the cutting edge of health remains in the Dark Ages when it comes to this topic.

It is important that people become aware of harmful exposures and the deception that is often associated with those exposures. Adding fluoride to drinking water is harmful. We’ve been misled to believe it is safe. With newfound knowledge, we must all act to put a stop to this practice now!

Perhaps some candidates in the Aspen elections or politicians will take a stand on this serious issue concerning Aspen’s health and freedom.

Tom Lankering