Letter: Stop the stagnation

How many of you, like me, spent countless hours at the Basalt Regional Library or Town Hall reviewing plans, sketches and options for the redevelopment of the Pan and Fork property? How much tax money was spent on staff time and professional assistance (though at a hugely discounted rate as they, too, want to see Basalt thrive) preparing those presentations over and over again? How many of you cast your opinion either by ballot or by voice? And what became of that consensus? Nothing, as it didn’t align with what our elected “representative” wanted. So here we are with a vacant piece of property that shows exactly the state of our town — stagnant. I want a true representative at the helm. I want Rick Stevens for my mayor. He will make sure our town becomes all it can and should be. He does not have a personal agenda but an understanding of government by and for the people. How many of you will return your ballot and vote for Rick Stevens?

Cil Klamper


Letter to the Editor