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Letter: Stop the fluoride nonsense

The Pitkin County health department continues to promote putting a developmental neurotoxin, as classified by the Environmental Protection Agency, into drinking water.

Dr. Kim Levin, the county medical officer, has acknowledged that fluoride is in fact a toxin. She rationalizes this practice by saying that the dosage is small, so it really does not matter. Would we say the same thing about arsenic, lead and asbestos? All of these ingredients have a similar history in that the dosages were reduced over time until the truth could no longer be hidden. We would not think of putting these toxins into the water. One of the aspects of fluoride is that it has a cumulative effect.

People opposed to fluoridation are accused of using fear tactics. If this is not calling the kettle black! The whole campaign for fluoride is about striking fear into people that it must be kept in the water or else there will be terrible consequences to our health due to horrendous consequences of poor oral health. Newsweek reported about serious health issues associated from fluoride, such as lowered IQ, cancers, thyroid, bone fractures and other health issues. How can we ignore this when research is questioning the science and the correlation of these health issues? What are the diseases the health department is protecting us from if they are not these?

Even a research study by Harvard University (not Aspen State Teachers College) has demonstrated a high correlation with a lowered IQ in children. Levin has the audacity to discredit the Harvard study while at the same time Liz Stark, the county public health director, rattles off numbers comparing children in different areas and the rate of cavities. This is purely anecdotal! This information has no control and is not a recognized study. There are no controls and no considerations for health habits, diet, dental visits, tooth brushing routines, sugar use and dental visits. Yet, many people are misled into thinking that these numbers are factual.

The cost of dental caries is often a reason to fluoridate. Here is a solution: Outlaw sugar and junk food! People could save a fortune if they did not buy junk food and their health would improve. Let’s get to the real cause of the root of so many health issues. The World Health Organization states that there is no difference between fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities, and the rate of cavities is reducing.

Fluorosis is a systemic condition.

Using the same thinking and expecting a different outcome is insanity. Fluoride is not working, in spite of the propaganda that is being promoted.

The bottom line is that an unapproved drug is mass medicating our communities and people rights to clean drinking water are being violated. No group should be able to use our water as a delivery system.

We are not using fear. We are questioning what appears to be a crazy and dangerous practice. It is time to stop the nonsense.

Tom Lankering


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