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Letter: Stop putting fluoride in our water

Mayor Steve Skadron co-authored a column where he supports the new clean-water rule. If this is an official position by the city of Aspen then I applaud this action.

It should be noted that if this is an official position, then Aspen finds itself in a very incongruent and hypocritical position. Aspen has mandated that it put a very serious and dangerous neurotoxin, fluorosilicic acid, into its drinking water. The people at the Water Department must wear hazmat suits and the packages that this material comes in has a skull and crossbones (the poison symbol) on it.

Using the water drinking system to deliver any substance for treating or preventing any condition is mass medication without consent.

New research indicates higher correlations with serious health issues such as lowered IQ, cancers, endocrine disruption, thyroid diseases and more associated with fluoridated water.

While many people still cling to propaganda that has been espoused for a long time, new information is being discovered.

Even the U.S. government and the FDA have admitted that there has been an overdosing of this substance. The recommended dosage has been lowered.

Groups who are at risk include infants, the elderly and those with kidney dysfunctions. Infants who are given formula consisting of fluoridated water receive 270 times the recommended levels.

If this mass medication is going to continue then there must be a way to monitor who is getting what dosage. Until then, it is unethical to distribute this toxin in the water without monitoring what people are consuming.

People may choose whether or not they want to put this material into their bodies. Animals and wildlife do not have the choice. Make no mistake about it, the rest of the environment is impacted by what we do to our drinking water.

No group should have the right to put anything in our water!

The line is drawn in the sand. Now is the time to make a stand. If Aspen continues to put this neurotoxin into the water, then it is only appropriate to withdraw its support of the clean-water rule.

There is a simple solution and one where Aspen can make a huge statement in taking the lead in establishing itself as a community that prides itself in putting health and wellness as a top priority. Take the fluoride out of the water. Provide access for those who do want fluoride via other methods.

As stated in the column, by not protecting clean water, there are serious ramifications to the environment, health, and economy involved with this precious resource.

It is wrong to say that you support clean water yet choose to put something, anything into the water. This is hypocritical.

I urge the city of Aspen to implement actions to ensure the quality, reliability, and safety of our drinking water, our economy and the future supplies of clean water.

Now is the time to stop the craziness. Stop putting fluoride into the water or admit that there is a blatant incongruency by what is said and what is done.

Dr. Tom Lankering